Panasonic EUC-B6243BA

Panasonic B6213CA

The way of Using the bill validator machine MK 3201BV

We had the need to reuse the bill validator MK3201BV
We tried to install it on Japanese PachiSlot for game machine(Amusement spec under No.8 of Japanese law)
We did not have the instructions of this Bill Validator machine.

We examined this machine of the signal waveform, while introducing 1000yen bill.

The control board of the game machine does not operate correctly in this state.
So we designed the electronic circuit and a microcomputer program to create a signal that can react the control board.
We haveconsideredtwo types ofcircuit.
Microcomputer programs are common in both type


Outline of the Microcomputer programs

1         bcf    GPIO,0
2 loop      btfsc   GPIO,3
3         goto   loop
4         bsf    GPIO.0
5         call    20msec
6         bcf    GPIO,0
7 20msec        timer sub loutin
8         goto   loop
9         END

Program description of the 1.4.5 logic has inverted because this circuit uses the transistor array in order to drive the relay.
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